The Shibldulda Foundation is focused on social and responsible work with the community and the environment; Therefore, it seeks to lead high impact projects for the transformation of a more productive, educated, inclusive society and close to mother nature.

Hence, Shibldulda wants to improve the quality of life of people, through the execution and management of sustainable projects in all areas in which there is a latent need to attend, putting all the effort and effort to obtain the best results.


The Shibldulda Foundation is a foundation of the Kogui indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which seeks to strengthen the influence of indigenous cultures in society, promote love and care for nature as the main source of life and generate sustainable models for the benefit of society, culture and the environment.

We are moved by the adventurous and restless spirit of people and the Sierra Nevada inspires us in all its extension, diversity and richness, allowing the design of authentic and incredible alternatives in each of the areas of operation that the foundation has.


We plan for 2022 to be a comprehensive foundation with high national and international recognition, through different areas of work, among which we can highlight: social and community activity and project management, our tourist agency Kogui Travel, production and commercialization of organic coffee and honey from the mountains and handicrafts produced by this indigenous community.


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