A Health and Wellness Tour with Hot Springs.

A route of approximately 22 km that begins at 8:00 a.m. and where we will go to some quiet and silent beaches of our Caribbean Sea, a place of fishermen and countless white herons “Yellow shoes”, after this experience we return to the path amidst sugar mango trees and banana plants, to reach the only Thermal in the Colombian Caribbean region, where we can enjoy a healthy bath and mud therapy, as well as taste rich salads of tropical fruits.

After 2 hours we will go to the banks of a river with crystalline waters where we will walk along a path, in the middle of gigantic Caracolí, Ceiba Bonga, bamboo and other arboreal species that will accompany us to an artificial waterfall where we will bathe once more, but this time with fresh water from the Toribio river.

Throughout this tour, the guide will tell us the importance of the crops that we will be able to see during the route at the time for the country.

Approximate duration of the experience: 6 hours

  • Transport
  • Food (typical lunch)
  • Snack (Fruit salad in the hot springs)
  • Hydration
  • Local tour guide
  • insurance
  • Entrance and bath in the hot springs
  • Per diem and / or unspecified services
  • Lodotherapy.
  • Face mask
  • Massages
  • No complementary services in the bath in the hot springs.
  • Personal biosafety items (Covers nose and mouth, alcohol, antibacterial gel)
  • Obey the instructions and instructions from the guide
  • Bring ecological awareness
  • It is forbidden to dump garbage and extract any type of plant, animal and geological material
  • Stay hydrated constantly
  • People who are vegetarians or with specific food requirements, notify when making the reservation
  • If you suffer from any illness or allergy, please notify the guide
  • Do not bathe in the sea, river or thermal with soap or shampoo
  • Bring only the essentials in your backpack, to enjoy the trip
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sunglasses with UV filter
  • Use of insects and biodegradable sunscreen
  • Personal biosafety items (Covers nose and mouth, alcohol, antibacterial gel)
  • Swimsuit
  • Use of insects and biodegradable sunscreen

Bath in sea water: Enjoy a rich salty bath in the Caribbean Sea.

Bath in Hot Springs: Therapeutic waters that will do your body good.

Bathing in the Toribio River: Enjoy a sweet bath in the crystal clear waters of the Toribio River.

Mud Therapy: Masks and relaxing massages with mud extracted from the Thermal (not included).

Ecological trail: Short walks where flora and fauna can be appreciated.

Typical gastronomy: Taste exquisite dishes of the local gastronomy and the region.